Our Firm

Our History

The name Sudduth & Associates is a trade name long used within the Sudduth family. When, James E. “Jim” Sudduth and his family moved to the Lake Charles area he immediately began serving the public. After almost 50 years in public service to Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana, he retired and opened up an economic consulting firm bearing the name Sudduth & Associates.

Jim’s son, James E. “Bo” Sudduth, II approached his father about using the trade name as he began to acquire various properties for development, lease, and sale, therefore, expanding the portfolio of Sudduth & Associates into property management and development.

The Sudduth Solution

Why We're the Right Choice

  • Over 100 Years of Collective Experience
  • Former Prosecutor Who Knows Both Sides of the Law
  • Long Roots in the Local Community
  • Cutting-Edge Technology to Bring You More Convenience
  • Collaborative Approach to Your Case
  • Highly Communicative & Responsive

The Sudduth & Associates, LLC Team

In 2013, upon his graduation from law school, James E. “James” Sudduth, III approached his father Bo about using the family trade name to open a law firm in the Lake Charles area. Bo agreed and shortly thereafter Sudduth & Associates, LLC was formally created providing legal services to residents throughout Louisiana and Texas.

In 2018, after 5 years of planning, architectural revisions, permitting, and construction James finished the historic renovation, construction, and expansion of the over 100-year-old historic McLeod Family Home in the heart of Lake Charles, Louisiana. In July of 2018, the law firm Sudduth and Associates, LLC moved into its beautiful new facility at 1109 Pithon Street where the firm continues to grow and provide new services to its existing family of clients and those new clients that join the family daily.

Our Mission

Most lawyers, understandably so, shy away from the most difficult of cases. However, we would humbly submit to you, that it is the difficult fights, the uphill fights, the “lost causes”, that are the worthiest of the fight. These cases are the ones that can truly change the legal landscape for future generations and in some cases, as discussed in the video below, have changed the world. Our Mission at Sudduth & Associates, LLC is to join with you in the fight so that we can run the good race and fight the good fight, hopefully achieving the best result for you the client. With that mission in mind, I invite you to find out exactly who is the most powerful person in the world. The answer just may surprise you.

Our Vision

Our vision at Sudduth & Associates, LLC is to be a law firm for our clients that services all of their needs. Think for one moment of a family doctor – that one doctor that has seen everyone from your grandparents, your cousins, yourself, and your children as well. This doctor is like a trusted member of the extended family. Every need that the family has can be taken care of by seeing one person. It is for lack of a better phrase: a one-stop shot.


We want to be your family’s lawyer. We want to be the firm for you that no matter the issue or problem that arises: we have the team of dedicated staff and paralegals herein that can handle any issue. We have enough lawyers that can focus on enough different practice areas that we can specialize, so that you, the client, is getting the absolute best representation no matter what area of law, you find yourself trying to navigate.

We realize that when legal problems arise, they can be some of the most stressful matters an individual or family has to deal with. That is why we want to be that trusted family lawyer that can guide you through all life’s difficult moments; while at the same time having the legal knowledge, breadth of experience and specialization, technology, and support staff to provide you the absolute best quality legal representation you both expect and deserve.

We welcome you to become a part of our family and experience excellent service and traditional values in everything we do. Join with us as we continue our multi-generational tradition of service and leadership in this wonderful community, we call home.

Our Philosophy

In the practice of law, there is no doubt that it is difficult. However, the law is one of the noblest of professions. When our client’s come to us, they bring us those problems, burdens, and worries that they simply couldn’t handle on their own. Our client’s place their lives in our hands and we couldn’t be more humbled by that trust. Thus, we are proud to bear these burdens because we believe that the practice of law is more than simply a career, we believe it to be a calling. We love helping people and we have a passion and love of the law that ignites everything that we do. A lawyer without a passion for their client does their client a tremendous disservice. Our philosophy here at Sudduth & Associates quite simply is that when you need a fighter in your corner, we are there for you because the passion and love we have for the law and our clients enflame in us the energy to overcome any of the burdens we might shoulder along the way. The practice of law is simply more than just a career.