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At Sudduth & Associates, LLC, we combine our passion for helping people, our intimate understanding of the law, and the most advanced technology to develop innovative strategies for those facing legal issues. Using this approach, our Lake Charles attorneys have achieved successes for past clients. Read below to learn more about some of our victories. To get 100 years of combined experience on your side, call us at (337) 282-9003 or contact us online today.

  • No Jail Time
    Aggravated Incest; Oral Sexual Battery

    Client accused of the above crimes with only very circumstantial evidence. Alleged victim was under the age of 13 years, which put the possible penalty at 99 years.

    Outcome: Client was enrolled in concurrent probation with no jail time, under Article 893; therefore, she was eligible to apply for an expungement in this matter after probation was successfully completed.

  • Penalty Reduced to Minor Misdemeanor
    Armed Robbery with a Firearm

    This case involved a juvenile that had an extensive criminal history prior to this alleged offense. Four young men were out together and allegedly attacked another young man, stole his belongings, and several shots were fired in the process. No one was killed however a gun was used and shots were heard in the neighborhood. The State was adamant about substantial jail time due to seriousness of the offense and the extensive history of the youth. While this youth did have a criminal history, he was in no way guilty of the currently charged offense. After extensive pre-trial negotiations, no resolution could be reached, and the matter was set for trial.

    Outcome: We remained steadfast that our client was only at fault for perhaps “being in the wrong place at the wrong time” however the youth was certainly not guilty of armed robbery. After standing strong and pushing the State to trial, the State’s case fell apart at the eve of trial and we pled no contest to a minor misdemeanor offense with probation only and the youth continued with his schooling and moved back in with his grandmother.

  • Reduced to Illegal Carrying of Weapon
    Attempted Second Degree Murder

    Client was charged with Attempted Second-Degree Murder when she had a confrontation with her boyfriend. We effectively fought to get this case dismissed during the client’s bond reduction hearing and arraignment.

    Outcome: Case reduced to Illegal Carrying of Weapon and Simple Criminal Damage to Property.

  • Reduced to Misdemeanor with No Jail Time
    Cruelty to a Juvenile

    Our client was accused of excessively disciplining his child by whipping him with a belt to the point of bruising the child and potentially requiring medical attention for the child. The matter was complicated and exacerbated by efforts of third parties to entrap our client.

    Outcome: Reduced to misdemeanor simple battery, client sentenced under Article 894 and so the case resulted in no jail time, a fine and costs only, and the matter can be expunged from his record completely.

  • Case Dismissed
    Domestic Abuse Battery w/ Child Endangerment

    Client is a decorated military service member that was accused of these charges in part because of a larger family/domestic dispute over custody issues. The matter was ultimately dismissed by the prosecution and the client's record was kept clean.

  • Reduced from a Felony to a Misdemeanor
    DWI - 4th Offense

    Officers were dispatched by a call in from an anonymous driver about our client allegedly swerving and driving recklessly. Officers came upon our client and conducted standard field sobriety tests and placed our client under arrest for a DWI 4th Offense along with several other charges.

    Outcome: DWI 4th Offense carries with it a mandatory minimum jail sentences usually requiring the accused to serve mandatory prison time. We worked with our client to seek treatment and address underlying substance abuse issues that kept leading to the repeat DWI charges. These rehabilitative efforts were recognized by the District Attorney who ultimately agreed to a misdemeanor level DWI plea and only probation with no jail time. This is reduced down from the felony level charge which carried 10 years and a $5,000 dollar fine.