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Are you or a loved one dealing with an immigration problem in Lake Charles? Whether you face deportation, wish to apply for a visa or green card, or require help with another immigration concern, the skilled and compassionate immigration attorneys at Sudduth & Associates, LLC have the experience to solve your immigration problems. We will fight for your best interests no matter your situation and do our best to ensure your continued, unencumbered stay in the United States.

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The Advantage of a Former Prosecutor on Your Side

  • If you're looking for an attorney to fight for you, call James.

    “Throughout the entire ordeal, James could not have been more professional, courteous and knowledgeable regarding my employment issue. He was prompt with his responses and could not have shown more compassion for the issue.”

  • They truly care about the legal issues I face, and aren't just 'going through the motions.'

    “James & his caring team of professionals are a cut above the rest. They truly care about the legal issues I face, and aren't just 'going through the motions.' It's been a tremendous help during this transitional period in my life to have Jame”

  • His passion for helping people sets him apart from any other attorney in this area.

    “Smart, driven, direct, passionate. Amazing man, which makes him an amazing attorney. Treated me and my family as if we were a part of his. I am forever grateful for the hard work and dedication he put into my case.”

  • If having someone on your side that gives a 110% and delivers a quality product is important, then James Sudduth III comes with my highest personal recommendation.

    “If having someone on your side that gives a 110% and delivers a quality product is important, then James Sudduth III comes with my highest personal recommendation.”

Visa Assistance

To reside in the United States as a non-citizen, most individuals require a visa. Though the stipulations vary based on where you are from, you will likely come across the process at some point during your immigration journey.

Sudduth & Associates, LLC provides clients with legal assistance concerning visas, one of the most common immigration-related problems. Our firm’s immigration lawyers can help expedite the visa application process for foreign nationals seeking residency in the United States based on employment skills. We can also represent you if your visa is denied.

Deportation Removal for a Felony Criminal Conviction

The illegal immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 lists aggravated felony convictions as a deportable offense. Certain misdemeanor convictions can lead to removal proceedings as well.

Fortunately, Sudduth & Associates is a full-service law firm, so we can come at this problem from all angles. We have both criminal law and immigration attorneys available to assist you. The sooner we get involved in your case, the more impact we can have on avoiding deportation removal, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Other Immigration Issues

Navigating the complexities of immigration law can be confusing and stressful. You and your family might have found yourself in a precarious situation that requires quick and thorough intervention.

We can relieve your burden by assisting you with a number of immigration issues. Whether your immigration status is in question and you have been threatened with deportation or you merely want assistance making sure your paperwork is filled out correctly, we are happy to help.

We can assist you with any of the following immigration issues:

  • B-1/B-2, Business Visitors
  • E-1 or E-2, Treaty Traders or Treaty Investors
  • J-1 Waiver, Foreign Medical Graduates (Conrad 30, ARC and DRA)
  • L-1A/L-1B, Petition /Application. Intra-company Executives, Managers and Specialized Knowledge Personnel
  • R-1, Religious Workers
  • Relative Petitions and Applications
  • Permanent Residence / Green Card
  • Labor Certification
  • Permanent Resident Investor
  • Naturalization
  • Asylum
  • Revalidation of Visa
  • Re-entry Permit
  • Removal Proceedings
  • Denial Appeal-Marriage
  • Federal Court Mandamus
  • Denial Appeal within The Department of Homeland Security
  • Presumption of Fraud
  • Change of Non-immigrant Status
  • Motion to Reconsider
  • Removal to Appeal BIA
  • Federal Court Proceedings
  • Exclusion Proceedings
  • Registry
  • Consular Processing

The legal team at Sudduth & Associates, LLC is friendly, empathetic, and immensely skilled in the important facets of immigration law. Our attorneys have over 100 years of combined legal experience and we always collaborate on cases as a team, so you will have several capable legal advocates weighing in on your issue. We will work together to come up with the best solution for you and your family.

Contact our Louisiana and Texas immigration attorneys today for additional information and assistance. You can count on us to be there for you! 


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