Common Dental Negligence Lawsuits​

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Common forms of negligence usually lead to litigation claims against the dentist or the practice when the patient suffers injury during his or her treatment at the clinic. Knowing which common negligence claims affect citizens throughout the country may provide additional details and ways of obtaining compensation when suffering from similar circumstances. 

One of the most common injuries from dental negligence is nerve or tooth damage. When the dentist uses tools, equipment or implants, the nerves within the mouth could face injury depending on the actions of the professional. Additionally, other injuries may occur along with the nerve damage that could permanently cause numbness or constant pain. Other problems may also arise during the nerve harm such as broken bones, damaged teeth and defective equipment causing aggravated injury. It is when the dentist is negligent that litigation may occur to recover compensation for the incident. Through the hire of a lawyer, it is possible to pursue legal action.

Common Problems in Dental Treatment

Some of the most profound injuries occur when the person is under anesthesia. However, the drugs administered to the patient may also lead to damage. The most important of these with certain drugs is allergies. If the patient is allergic to the drug, he or she may have an adverse reaction that leads to further injury. Damage to the mouth and throat are possible along with lung compilations with breathable anesthesia. A detailed patient history is important to prevent many of these problems before they lead to irreversible harm. Sometimes, it takes consultations with other medical healthcare providers to understand if an allergy exists.

When the dentist fails to diagnose the oral diseases a patient has, he or she may commit negligence. This may occur through a lack of knowledge or experience, but a lawsuit may arise when another dentist would have the ability to catch the complication in a reasonable setting. This could assist in proving negligence in litigation claims. If the problem is a cancer in the mouth, late diagnosis could end in death for the individual. If the patient dies, it is up to the surviving family to file suit for a wrongful death claim. Negligence is often the foundation of such claims when a person loses his or her life due to the mistakes of a professional.

Oral Complications

Damage to the mouth, injuries to the nerves inside the oral areas and extraction problems with teeth often end in grievous wounds. The nerve damage is often severe enough that the person is left with agonizing pain. Bridge and crown complications may alter the look of the mouth. The patient may face embarrassment anytime he or she opens the mouth in public. Extractions of teeth could harm the jawbone or the rest of the mouth or throat. This may also result in excruciating pain. The constant or continual burning, buzzing or electric throbbing of such hurting in and around the mouth leads to a devastating impact on the quality of life for the individual.

Nerve Damage in Dental Work

One of the most prevalent negligent malpractice suits that a patient may face is the nerve damage from various treatments. This type of injury is possible from tooth extraction, damage from tools and equipment, through gum disease and work with bridges and crowns. The symptoms are generally irritating to severely painful depending on where the nerve injury occurs and the severity of the harm. If the nerves cause other issues such as gum disease, the patient may face more severe consequences. He or she may need to consult a lawyer about possible malpractice suits dealing with negligence from the actions of the dentist.

Some nerve damage causes permanent pain and other complications. It is important to gather as much evidence from the nerve difficulties and contact a lawyer to determine what possible course of action he or she may pursue once enough understanding in the symptoms and another professional explains the issue. Nerve injuries are the most common due to the sheer number of nerves in the mouth, but they are also the most problematic with pain and serious sensation troubles from negligent action.

Legal Help in the Most Common Dental Negligence Lawsuits

Contacting a lawyer is the first step in these situations. He or she will determine if there is possible legal action available based on the evidence and injuries. Then, with a strong enough case, the legal representative may attempt a settlement or pursue the issue to court. 

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